If you were given three wishes I am fairly sure that one of them would be to have more money, in some form or other, whether that would be a new house, a flash new car, a holiday or to win the lottery etc. etc. The reality is that money has become a very important and integral part of our lives and yet most people feel that they do not have enough. And the strange thing is that they do not do much about it.

Money is so important to all of us in today’s society as it not only fulfills our basic human needs for safety and survival e.g. shelter, food etc and money also acts as a system of exchange for goods and services and provides us with a certain standard of living, plus a certain status in the world and it pays for our luxuries.

Money does indeed therefore make the world go round.

So money is of fundamental importance to us not only for survival but also money is important as it forms an essential part of our hopes and dreams and future aspirations. If we want to create and live the life of our dreams then we must first develop a healthy money mindset to master money so we can then put systems in place, which will get money to work for us so we can create and live the life of our dreams.

This chapter will show you the 7 essential steps to mastering your money and creating abundant wealth so lets start now and get your money working for you. As with any new skill all it takes is some forward planning, practice, patience and persistence.

So here is a chapter on creating wealth that will lead you to your pot of gold.

1.Develop your millionaire mindset $$$

The first step in taking control of your money involves adopting the secrets that successful and wealthy people already know about money, and that is having a healthy money mindset and an attitude of abundance. To have this you need to understand what money and wealth really are and what they mean to you.

Money is defined in The Free Dictionary by Farlex, 2012, as;

  1. A medium that can be exchanged for goods and services and is used as a measure of their values on the market, including among its forms a commodity such as gold, an officially issued coin or note, or a deposit in a checking account or other readily liquefiable account.
  1. The official currency, coins, and negotiable paper notes issued by a government.
  1. Assets and property considered in terms of monetary value; wealth.

Wealth has been said to be an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources or riches.

It is a very old maxim that “health is wealth” and by that definition it is clear that wealth is not money. So what is wealth?

Some would say wealth is having enough to live how you want, where you want, with whom you want and more.

Others would see wealth as being rich, being a millionaire and able to build or buy the house of their dreams or drive the car of their dreams and live in the suburb of their dreams in the country of their choice.

Many people would associate wealth with rich people, actors, and pop stars and celebrities that live in mansions in exotic locations.

Wealth is described in the Wiki as the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions and yet economists will describe wealth as ‘anything of value,’ which means that it is different for each and everyone of us. Values are unique to every individual.

So what is important to you? What would you like to have more of or what would you like to create?

My view is that wealth is a combination of the accumulation of financial assets, your human relationships e.g. love and spirituality; your wider contribution to the community through taxes and trusts/donations and your inner self, intellectual properties, life experiences, skills and talents.

So you now you know how others define money and wealth and now its your turn. If you want more money in your life and don’t have enough money in your world already this is due to your relationship and beliefs about money. The key to developing a healthy money mindset is to find out what your current limiting beliefs are about money and wealth and then create some new positive healthy money beliefs to prepare you to attract money into your life in abundance. In other words develop an Abundance mentality.

Action point – Devleop your millionaire mindset– 20 minutes

Take a pen and paper, or diary, electronic device of choice e.g. phone. Ipad, computer etc… and consider what does money mean to you and why is important to you? E.g. what beliefs do you currently have about money. Set a timer for 10 minutes and think about this question and write all your thoughts and beliefs about money and wealth down. I have given you some to start with…

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. Rich people are greedy
  3. I will never be rich
  4. I am not good with money
  5. I spend everything I earn
  6. I will always have to work hard to get what I want
  7. I will never have that…. (insert type of dream car here)

Now read all these limiting beliefs to yourself for the last time.

These money and wealth beliefs are not serving you and have no place in your new and abundant life. So take these limiting beliefs and destroy them e.g. rip them up or burn them (if paper copy) print them off if on a computer or select file and delete these.

Now lets create your new positive beliefs about money. Take a pen and paper or electronic device of choice as before and write new empowering, positive abundant beliefs about money. I have given you a few to start with.

  1. Money comes easily to me now as I choose to be wealthy
  2. I live in an abundant Universe
  3. I always have enough money to pay for my bills and my investments are working for me even in my sleep
  4. I am creating the life of my dreams as I am a magnet to money
  5. People pay me generously and willingly for doing what I love to do
  6. Money is merely a tool that I control to get me everything I want and where I choose to be
  7. I have a very healthy relationship with money and my money works for me

Now you need to keep these new beliefs and re read them every day at least once e.g. before bed you can also keep them in your wallet or in your computer and read them whenever you feel that your beliefs around wealth and money are not as positive to remind yourself that you are in control and you have a healthy money mindset.

  1. Get real – What is your net financial worth today?

Step two in creating a positive money mindset is to know what you have i.e. to know your net financial worth. You need to know where you are starting from;

Action point – What are you financially worth today? – 10 minutes

Knowing your net worth is easy and a great start point to establishing financial goals.

There are many tools available online to help you work this out or you can visit an accountant but if your financial situation isn’t too complex the quickest and easiest way is to get a pen and paper and write down answers to the following list of questions…

Write down all your assets (this means all that you own)

e.g. next to your assets write their $ value total the value of all your assets.

List all your debts e.g. credit card debt; car loans, mortgage etc…

Now write the debt of each next to these i.e. what you still owe on in $ on these debts next them

Now add up the total all your debts in $

Next step take away your total debts from your total assets and this = your net worth.

  1. Set Your Financial Goals – Get organised

The third step in creating your financial wealth and abundance is to set financial goals, get organised and take action today, lets start making money work for you $$$

Action point – Set your own financial and money goals – 10 minutes

Take a pen and paper or alternative method and record your financial and wealth goals by answering the following questions… (N.B. Remember write your goals as if you already have them).


  1. I earn $……….. per year (income/passive income) by (date/Year)……….. (before tax/after tax)
  2. I save …… % of my salary weekly/fortnightly/monthly or I save $……… each pay
  3. I have a net worth of $……………… by the year …………
  4. I invest in property every month/year % of my income each pay/year
  5. I have a new financial habit of …E.G. paying my bills by direct debit/ saving 10 % of my wages/scheduling time in each Friday to do my bills/ finances……………………………. Starting from NOW!
  6. I am debt free by …………………….
  7. I own my house outright by ……………………..
  8. I own my ……………. (make/model of car) by ………………….
  9. I have taken my dream holiday to …………………. by …………

You have now set your financial and wealth goals and know what you want and you know your start point. All you have to do now is work out a detailed plan to get you from where you are currently to where you want to be … Too easy.

You can use the goal setting information given in the introduction of the book to help you develop a detailed plan. Now you need to get organised and take action.

Get organised – Plan for your financial success

Set aside time in your diary each week to look at your finances and block it out e.g. a Wednesday morning 9am -10am. This is essential time to invest in your financial success, to pay bills; review your progress and where necessary alter action as required to stay on track.

You will also need to develop a system that works for you to collect information in eg. an in tray for bills/invoices etc… where you can safely store information until your scheduled finance time and you will also need storage system e.g. a space to file your all your financial records e.g. bills; tax receipts; invoices; insurance documents etc.. so they can be safely and securely stored and files easily accessed when you need them.

Action point – Create your financial success system today.

Create your own financial success system today by writing a list of the supplies/ equipment you will need in your home and/or work place to look after your finances easily/effectively


  • Note Paper; (printer; printer ink and printer paper – optional)
  • Envelopes and stamps
  • Shredder for bills/invoices/old bank statements etc. not required to be stored.
  • A filing cabinet or system for storing your files
  • Labeled files for all of your utility bills, insurance documents (renewal dates on front of file so easily seen), bank accounts, receipts…
  • A fire proof storage box – for important documents e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificates; passports; company documents; your will box.

Now set aside time in your week to arrange to organise/purchase all that you need and start using your filing and finance system today.

  1. Start to save and pay yourself first

Ask any successful or rich person how they make money and they will tell you to pay yourself first. The quickest way to start saving and building wealth is to decide to set aside a set percentage e.g. start with 5 % of your income each pay, set up a direct debit to go into an interest accruing bank account. This is the guiding principal in the book “The richest man in Babylon.”

  1. Reduce your bad debts

Pay off your credit cards or high interest loans first. Establish how much you owe.

  1. Get it consolidated so that I have only one repayment to make.
  2. Work out your incoming and outgoing money each month.
  3. Find 5 things you can do without for a year, eg; not drinking soft drinks or reduce/stop smoking. This will help cut spending.
  4. Organise fortnightly repayments on the debt; effectively cutting the time it will take in half almost due to constant repayments before the interest adds up each month.
  5. Last but not least, set an actual date you want to pay the debt off by – having a time frame gives ambition and a goal to chase.

Neither a borrower or a lender be.


To accumulate wealth, you must study and emulate those who have acquired it before you.
-Brian Tracy

The best way to help the poor is to not be one of them.
-Mark Victor Hansen

Too many people spend money they earned, to buy things they don’t want to impress people that they don’t like.”
– Will Rogers

  1. Get your money working for YOU!

This requires research and study to determine the best course of action. I am biased, but I do believe that Victorian property is the best investment option as it is very predictable and has a 7-10 year cycle where the values double every 7-10 years.

(I am happy to give you some pointers that are based on your individual needs).

  1. Think abundant wealth – The law of attraction – What you

give you receive. Take a minute to write it down now, before you read on.

So how do you unlock your wealth potential, whatever that might mean to you?

In this chapter I will give you a formula that worked for me to create whatever your heart desires, but first allow me to share with you how I managed to create wealth in my life, so that you can see the steps that I took to unlock my wealth potential.

And the reality is that we ALL have that potential. It is just that most people are unaware of this potential and do not have the conviction that it is possible to have the life of your dreams.

Some years ago, I felt that I had reached a point in my life of a major change in my attitude and in my thinking. I no longer had a burning ambition to be, to do, to have and to become. It was more a case of going with the flow of where life takes me, following my intuition and my inner knowing. I guess it is a case of ‘Let go and let God.’

So how and why did this happen?

I was listening to Wayne Dyer speaking and he put it this way. When you are an unborn baby everything is taken care for you. You do not have to think about anything you just go with the flow. Everything is decided for you. Everything evolves perfectly. We accept everything, we surrender to it and we allow it to guide us. So who or what is the ‘It’ that does all this and creates all this? Call it what you like; God, Source, Universe, whatever word you fancy. I prefer to call it the Universe.

We are then born and others, being well intentioned parents, grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, teachers, peers etc. take over to teach us to be like this or that. To do things like this or that. To have this and that. In essence we are taught to be ambitious. We are taught that you are what you have. You are what you do and you become what others think of you. We are made to want things, to have things and to become someone. In other words our egos are developed.

We then begin to develop limiting beliefs and they begin to filter how we see the world. You must realise that how we see the world is not how anyone else will see the world, because we have different beliefs to other people. It is our perceptions and our judgments that give us our own view of the world. (See previous pages for a list of these beliefs)

When a young child begins to refer to himself or herself as I or Me this is the beginning of Ego.

The sad fact is that EGO is an acronym for “Edging God Out” 

We now become separate from God and stop the inner guidance that kept us safe and sound for the first nine months of our lives. It is ego that creates this separation. We create a duality from what was just the ONE. We were at one with the Universe, God, Source etc. We were in perfect harmony, we were as Abraham says (through Esther Hicks), “Going with the flow,” or we were “In the Vortex.”

So now we are in our ambitious phase we go about getting more, doing more to be liked and approved of and gain a reputation! The strange thing is that during all of this there is a voice speaking to us, which we disregard and ignore. But as much as we ignore this voice it seems to get louder and we have this feeling that there is something more and that there is something missing. We do not feel fulfilled.

There was a study done where people were asked what was important to them in their ambitious phase and then asked the same question twenty years later and the answers were very interesting and were quite different between men and women.

In the case of men in the ambitious phase the answers were:

Wealth, adventure, achievement, seeking pleasure and being respected and so on.

In the case of women in the ambitious phase it was:

Family, independence, career, fitting in and being attractive etc.

Then twenty years later the answers were quite different.

For men: spirituality, personal peace, family, God’s will and honesty etc.

For women: personal growth, self esteem, spirituality, happiness and generosity etc.

So why and how the major change?

I guess the voice just got louder and louder till I had to listen, because in spite of all of the things and the doing and having there was this sense of emptiness and feeling that there was something much more important.

Sadly it is at this time that for many people depression sets in. They see no way out of the tunnel. In some cases suicide becomes an option. Some would call it a mid life crisis.

In my case I went through a period of depression and I was sent to a psychiatrist who prescribed drugs. This did not get to the root of the problem. All it did was mask the problem. After a while of swallowing these man made substances I decided that the natural way was better alternative and got into meditation, contemplation and learning. I was lucky that I had some good teachers and a support system and the more I learned and meditated the better I felt. When I was on the road to recovery it made me want to help and assist others, who were in the same predicament.

So then I began to listen to this voice and to pay attention to it! I began to listen to my inner voice, our intuition or call it the God within me. I began to let this voice guide me. I gave in to the inner guidance. I began to follow my heart.

I surrendered to what kept me alive and well for the first nine months of my existence.

It is then that I began to live by the natural Laws of the Universe. I realised that I was at one with the Universe and that everything is in vibration and that I was a vibrationary being. I began to understand that source power always flows and works to and through the individual – that is you.

I think it was Einstein that said, “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

With this in mind I set about making significant changes in my life.

I had been in the real estate industry for over thirty years and it had served me well, because I did like to help and assist people and I was very successful at it. And yet my feeling was that I should stop doing what I was doing and go and find my bliss. I believed in my heart that I had to find balance in my life. I had put most of my energy into my work and had neglected the most important people in my life; my family and myself. I had put my clients and my work before my loved ones. This had resulted in the end of my marriage and a fractured relationship with my four children.

One of the things that I initiated into my daily routine was to read a verse called ‘Time’ every night prior to sleeping. The words of this verse became embedded in my psyche and it did change my thinking and consequently changed my life.

I would recommend that you read this daily, till it becomes a part of you.

Here is the verse;


Lyrics: Dave Clark, Dave Soames

“Stand before me on
the sign of infinity, all you of the earth.
With the granting of the law of provination

comes the application of change
I will give you the key
And with this knowledge please realise
comes the responsibility of sharing it.
I will show you the way.
It’s very simple. Throughout the Universe
there is order.
In the movement of the planets, in nature
and in the functioning of the human mind.
A mind that in its natural state of order is in
harmony with the universe & such a mind is timeless.
Your life is an expression of your mind.
You are a creator of your own universe
For as a human being you are free to will whatever
state of being you desire through the use of your thoughts
and words.
There is great power there.
It can be a blessing or a curse
it is entirely up to you.

For the quality of your life is
brought about by the quality of your thinking
Think about that.
Thoughts produce actions – Look at what
you are thinking.
See the pettiness and the envy and the greed and
fear and all the other attitudes that cause
you pain and discomfort.
Realise that the one thing you have absolute
control over is your attitude.
See the effect that it has on those around you.
For each life is linked to all life and your words
carry with them chain reactions like a stone
that is thrown into a pond.
If your thinking is in order, your words will
flow directly from the heart creating ripples
of love.
If you truly want to change your world, my
friends, you must change your thinking.
Reason is your greatest tool; it creates an
atmosphere of understanding which leads to
caring which is love.
Choose your words with care
go forth with love” . . . . . . .

Once this change of mind and subsequent change of heart took place, things began to change in so many ways.

I now completely understood that I was totally in charge of my life. I could not blame anyone else or any other circumstance for my lack of success. I took one hundred percent responsibility for my life and set about envisioning the life that I desired and wanted.

The most important revelation was that everything is in vibration. Our thoughts are a vibration. The energy we give out is a vibration. The energy we receive is a vibration. We are a receiving station and a transmitting station for vibrations, which is energy and this energy, is unconditional love, pure and simple. It made me realise and understand that to live the life of my dreams I had to ensure that my vibration was in harmony with the Universe.

This meant becoming an observer of myself. I had to become aware of my thoughts and my feelings. I had to become aware of what I was saying. This is a major shift in anyone’s life, learning to observe oneself. But once this status is in place the changes begin. I had to get out of my head and get into my heart. I had to start using my intuition, the feelings in my heart and the feelings in my gut.

Not many people realise that the heart and the gut have a cognitive function. Yes, the heart and the gut – thinks. This is your connection with the Universe. So you need to be listening, because the Universe does speak to you. However it speaks very quietly, so you have to have moments of stillness and quiet, to hear it. However, once you tune in the voice does get louder.

We can say we want success, but any time we are agreeing with conditions that are difficult, talk about how life is unfair, or exude any type of energy that is out of harmony with the thing we say we want, we actually are creating resistance with the very thing we want.

We can open up and receive by being in agreement with all that is prosperous and using every means at our command to make it easy for prosperity, abundance and the free flow of life to be in our experience.

And so the journey continued, with more learning and more study on the Natural Laws of the Universe.

I began to understand that all we have to do is to create an image in our mind of what we desire for ourselves and for the greater good. Hold this image in our mind, have faith that it will happen and then follow our intuition and it will lead you to abundance. Sure, you have to do some work for it to happen, but the Universe will present you with all the right people and all the right opportunities along the way.

In my case when I let go and trusted that the Universe would give me the life that I had visualised and I listened to my intuition things began to change. The opportunities presented themselves and the right people came into my life. It was like a fairy tale. Investors came along and trusted me with their money. The right property dropped into my lap. Everything just fell into place. While all this magic happened I then looked to help others in need and began a series of charitable works, which still continue till today. In fact I have expanded on this and have some very exciting ideas in the pipeline.

When this shift happens our life has a meaning. No longer are we thinking of ourselves. We seek to help and assist others get what they want. When we do this what follows is we then get what we want. To get value you must give value first.

The laws of the material world do not apply in the presence of God. It is said; “As long as shallow, worldly ambitions exist the door to God will not open.”

In this meaning phase of our lives we gain a reverence for life, with love and respect for ourselves and for others. We see the God in everyone. We realize that we are all ONE. There is no separation. There is no duality. Duality prevents oneness. We are all now part of that one voice. We are no longer separate from it, we are it!

Do not be like Ivan Ilych in the book by Tolstoy called “The death of Ivan Ilych,” where on his deathbed he says to his wife, “What if my life has been wrong?”

Live in the process not the outcome. Let go and let God. Get into the ‘Flow’ and the only way to do this is to sit in silence and hear the voice of the Universe speaking to us. You can do this through meditation or just being in silence. The most important thing however is to be aware and to be listening. Listening to that little, quiet voice that speaks through feelings. Not the emotional feelings that come through fear, but the feelings that come through LOVE.

You must understand that we live in an abundant Universe with more than enough for everyone. You must develop an abundance mentality. You need to believe this with all your heart and to a lesser extent; your mind.

With an abundant mentality you have no doubt that what you desire will come to you, except you need to understand that the ‘How’ and ‘When’ is not up to you. The Universe will decide that for you and you will be guided to your ‘Wealth’ in ways that you would not have imagined.

So how do you develop an ‘Abundance’ mentality?

It happens by changing the way you see life. It happens by believing that it is indeed an abundant universe and that your vision will come to fruition. It happens by changing your thinking.

Your imagination is your greatest tool. When you stop to think about it, everything and anything that has been manufactured or invented began as an idea in someone’s imagination. So put your imagination to work and dream big dreams.

Once you have a clear idea what you want then you must leave it to the power of the Universe. You must not have any doubts and you must then listen to your inner voice; your inner knowing. It will speak to you quietly by way of your intuition.

An “abundance mentality” is more than having a positive mental attitude, although a positive mental attitude is very important. When you have a positive mental attitude, you look at how things can be done rather than why they can’t be done. You believe that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You look at possibilities and opportunities rather than obstacles and problems. This mindset is important for success in any endeavour.

An abundance mentality will take you beyond a positive mental attitude. It will eliminate small thinking and offset negative energy.

People with an abundance mentality believe there are enough resources available to achieve their vision. They also believe that their success doesn’t mean failure for others. On the contrary, the more successful they are, the more others are affected in a positive way. They can be happy when friends and associates prosper.

Much of our society seems to be built on a scarcity mentality. It’s a mentality that tells people that there is a lack in life and that opportunities are few and far between. This is, of course, useful for society because if people feel that there is a lack, then you can get them to buy things; thus, the economy and society can continue to thrive and prosper by reinforcing a scarcity mentality in people. It appears to suit the status quo to keep the majority in fear

The scarcity mentality can be quite painful for the individual and create a lot of unnecessary fear, and anxiety. An abundance mentality, on the other hand, tells you that there are always new chances and opportunities. This relieves much of the pressure you may feel if you have a scarcity mentality that makes you think that you’ve only got one shot right now. On the other hand an abundance mentality can help you improve your performance since with it, you’re creating a lot less pressure and anxieties within your own mind. You are relaxed in the knowledge that everything will be okay and what you desire will come to you at the appropriate time.

I cannot stress this strongly enough; An Abundance Mentality is a must and here are a few pointers for you.

Be aware if you develop a lack or scarcity mentality.

Remember all the opportunities you have enjoyed and know that it is all a flow that will always continue.

Focus on the abundance, not the lack. What you focus on you will see in your world. Since you can’t take in everything around you, your reticular activation system – your focus system in the mind – will bring into focus what you focus your thoughts on.

You must practice; Gratitude. One quick way to revert from the pretty normal habit of thinking about what you don’t have is simply to appreciate. Appreciate your food, life, your roof, your friends and family and so on and develop a habit of being grateful as you awake in the morning and prior to your bedtime.

Be generous. One very good way to acknowledge how much you have is to share it. Do you feel like you’re not making enough money? Give some away. Not enough love? Give some away. Not enough validation, appreciation, recognition? Give it all away. It’s hard for something to feel scarce when you’re giving it away.

If things go wrong, it may contain your greatest opportunity. This might seem like a strange thing to say, but the Universe does on occasions work in mysterious ways. These crises are the point in life where everything that held you back can be left behind and you will move toward something better than you’ve ever had. You may not see it immediately, but you must have an attitude that whatever happens is; Okay. Trust the Universe. It does not fail you.

So that my friends is the recipe for an abundant life, where the synchronicities will keep happening and the Universe will bring you whatever you envision. As long as you have faith that it will happen and keep listening to your inner voice. The voice of the Universe that speaks through you and me and everyone that walks this amazing planet.

We came here to understand duality and got lost in it, but the joy is the journey back home; back to yourself. What I mean is that we arrived here as a Spirit with the intention of understanding duality and contrast, but our Ego took over and made us believe that we were human, to the point where we totally immersed ourselves in this finite world quite forgetting that we were Infinite. The fun part is rediscovering yourself as a Spirit and making that journey back to yourself when you realise who you really are and that abundance is yours.

So let go and let god. Let love be your guide.

Namaste (I see the God in you)