What is Reality?

So what is reality?

Is my reality your reality? How could it be. MY reality is based on the sum total of MY experiences and MY set of values and MY judgments and MY  thoughts and ideas. Quite different to YOUR experiences and YOUR values and YOUR judgments and YOUR thoughts and ideas.

So that would mean that every person who walks the planet has their own unique reality. This makes it very interesting, does it not? Also makes me realise that what I know as my reality is really an illusion! It is my version, which is nobody elses version. So what is reality? Yes, I would say it is an illusion. It is something that I have made up to suit myself.

With this in mind I can see that I can now change my reality, because if I made up my reality as I see it today I can just as easily create a new reality. Confused? I hope not.

As I see it, it is like I can reformat my hard disk (my brain which is the most powerful computer ever built) and put it some new software that will do a better job than the old version that did not serve me well. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

The truth is that 90% of what happens to anyone is the result of their subconscious mind at work. So I can make the decision to change at a conscious level, but the real work has to be done at a  subconscious level. So how do you do that you might ask.

From my experience (my reality!) the methods are wide and varied. I guess what suits you depends on your reality!!

I am happy to make some suggestions according to your own unique point of view.