Good Vibrations

If you are old enough you will remember a song called ‘Good Vibrations’ that was a big hit for the Beach Boys somewhere in the 70’s or was it the 60’s.

Anyway the reason I want to talk about it is this. I have been thinking (some would say this is dangerous!!) about vibrations and this is how I see it.

From what we know now thanks to Quantum Physics, we are vibrational beings. Furthermore we now know that our thoughts are vibrations. This would mean that we are sending out these vibrations (thoughts) out into the Universe. What’s more we are receiving vibrations from others, as well. In other words we are both a transmitting and receiving station.

This would suggest to me that if I want to be a good Life Coach; when I am in a coaching session I need only to be in a receiving mode. Because if I start to think about what my client is saying and begin to logically analyse what they are saying then I will be sending out these vibrations (thoughts) to my client and these thoughts will interfere with what they are thinking and saying.

I need to be totally focused on my client and get me out of the way, so that I can relate to him/her intuitively rather than logically. If I follow my intuition and really listen, I will be able to guide that person to see and understand the issue for them to gain clarity on what it standing in the way of them moving forward. We know that vibrations are the key to attracting more into our lives.

I would love to hear what others think on this subject, because when we start to look at vibrations as a whole it is a huge topic on it’s own.