I have the vision, now let’s achieve the dream

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” – Albert Einstein

I have a dream to put together a group of like-minded people, with a desire to make a difference.

I am not content to simply reach my business goals, I have always had the desire to form a community of people interested in improving the quality of their lives with a common goal of helping and assisting others along the way.

So, rather than simply sit on the sidelines and wish that I had done something, I am stepping up and acting and putting together a group of motivated individuals to help my dream become a reality; and this is where the Eye Ball Community is born.

To be effective through the Eye Ball Community needed a firm goal, somewhere to focus all of its efforts. So we organised a charity ball, called the ‘Eye Ball’ in aid of The Fred Hollows Foundation and last Friday we raised nearly $150,000 which will go towards doing something constructive about the intolerable disparity that exists between the health and wellbeing of Australia’s Indigenous communities and the general community.

Our vision now has a focus and a goal, but to truly become reality it needs support, and that is where everyone at Eye Ball Community can step in.

The Eye Ball was not just about raising money, it was about forming a true community to help reach some lofty goals and make a difference in 1000s of people’s lives, including our own. We have made that first step, now let’s get going and widen our community from 700 people to thousands of like-minded folk who want to make a difference and create their own legacy.



The Power of Love

Here is a piece that I borrowed from Song Cheng Xiang, that says it all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did….

The power that can move mountains.

The love that I am going to talk about is not love in its ordinary sense. It is hard to
describe what the true meaning of love is, because no words can come close to its real meaning.

I think the best description may be that love is oneness; togetherness with the universe
and everything in it.

When you are loving, you see everything as a part of you, and therefore you are loving everything as you love yourself. This togetherness with everything,
this oneness with everything is the true meaning of love.

When you are loving, you see no separation; you and everyone else are the same. It is separation that creates all the miseries; when we feel separate, we instantly
disconnect with the infinite power, and we don’t feel loved. Without separation, “You”, “I” and “They” have no meaning; everything and everyone become ONE.

If there isn’t a “You”, and if there isn’t a “They”, then who am I going to hate, who am I going to feel angry at? Nobody!

Therefore, all hatred and anger will disappear, and what left is only LOVE.

You will have no more opponents and enemies, as they will all be dissolved into the ONE. You and your enemies are one. When you look into their eyes, what you see is
only a reflection of yourself; the loving and perfect being. You will see them as yourself, and you will forget how to hate. You will love your enemies as you love yourself.

When you truly understand the meaning of love, you know that you will love everyone equally, regardless of their race, their colour, their religion or their beliefs. You will love them as you love yourself regardless of whether they are your
family, spouse, friends, opponents or enemies; because you know that you and everyone else are perfect beings.

In fact, if you can really see the oneness in everything, you won’t even notice any differences in colour, culture, or belief etc.; you will only notice that you and they are
the same. They only appear to be different, but in essence they are all the same as you.

Steam, water and ice are exactly the same thing; they only appear to be different. The essence of everything and everyone is the essence of love.
Therefore, in order to see the true essence in everything, you must see it from the point of view of love.

You must become a loving person yourself, and then you will see a loving energy emanating from all things around you. If you are wearing green glasses, the world you see is green no matter what. If you see the world from glasses of love, everything
you see is love. You see love in yourself; you see love in others.

To love is to totally accept the other being as they are. When you love yourself, you should accept every aspect of yourself; when you love others, you should completely
accept them as they are. Never try to change them; only accept them.

If you and everyone else are perfect, whole, and infinite, why should you change anything? When you are trying to change anyone, it is only because you see imperfection in them, and that is not true love. When you truly love someone, you
see only perfection.

The question that comes up in your mind may be that, if we don’t want to change ourselves or anyone else, then where do the improvements come from? I say
that if you are truly loving, you would already have reached the highest state of freedom, and you don’t need to improve. You are already perfect. What can you do to improve on perfection?

You want to improve only when you see imperfection, and then you are not truly loving. When you are in the state of perfect love, you are experiencing the ultimate happiness. You feel everything is alright, nothing and no one can bother you anymore,
you see only perfection. Everything will happen naturally and with ease.

Love is also an attitude of giving; it is giving without strings attached.
When you give something to someone with an expectation of gaining praise for yourself, or to get something from him/her in return, then you are not present in an attitude of giving.

Giving with this kind of attitude is no better than not giving. The important thing is
the attitude, not the actual dollars or things.

You often see people donating millions of dollars to charity, but with an attitude to gain publicity, and fame. That is not true giving. The million dollars will not help much. If you hold an attitude of giving, without any selfishness attached, you are helping. The universe does not know the difference between a dollar and a million dollars, it only hears your feelings or your attitude. It will orchestrate all circumstances according to your feelings.

Love can also solve every one of your problems. Every problem is caused by non-loving emotions, which keep you away from the light of truth. Therefore, when you are loving, you won’t have any problems, because they will be resolved naturally.

Start practicing love in your life-the more you are able to love, the freer you are,
and the happier you are.

song cheng xiang