The East Bali Poverty Project

On my travels in December to Bali I made it a point to meet with David Booth the founder of the East Bali Poverty Project, as I had heard about the great work that he was doing for these very poor and uneducated people in Bali. Bali is so well known for it’s destination as a tourist mecca and yet abject poverty exists just a few kilometers down the road. So, with this in mind I met with David and then visited these remote hamlets in the mountains not far from the nightclubs and fancy restaurants and hotels.

What I learned was that the commitment of an inspired individual could in a short period of time turn around the lives of over 3500 families in a poor and illiterate community. It made me want to help and assist and I am asking you to watch this short video in the hope that you too may want to chip in and do your bit. Here’s hoping.