Ghandi – My Hero

A friend of mine sent me a quote today by Mahatma Ghandi.

It so happens that this man is a hero of mine, because he changed the course of history and defeated the might of the British Empire without guns, bullets and warfare.

He was and is an inspiration to many, many people including myself, so I would like to share the quote with you and hope that it gives you what you want to take from it.

(If you notice on the home page I have another quote from this great man)

Keep your thoughts positive,
because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive,
because your words become your behaviours.
Keep your behaviours positive,
because your behaviours become your habits.
Keep your habits positive,
because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive,
because your values become your destiny.

~ Gandhi ~

I hope you are in a good feeling place