A personal reflection

Last month I attended a spiritual retreat called ‘Journey to the light’

It was a week of self reflection and thought and I did set an intention at the beginning of the retreat to integrate my heart and my head.

What became clear to me was that my head was constantly in the past and the future; very seldom in the present moment. So if I set intention/goals and left it to the power of the Universe/God to show me the way, I would have to be in the present moment most of the time so that I would be able to listen to my inner voice and be guided towards my goals by the universe.

This would mean that I would have to be listening to my inner knowing/my inner voice most of the time, which of course then means that I will have to be in my heart and not my head.

So my intention to integrate my heart and my head has been fulfilled is now have the answer. Live in the now!




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