The word – CAN’T

When I was a young boy my grandmother used to say to me, “there is no such word as can’t.”

When you stop to think about it that is literally and metaphorically true, because the word is ‘cannot’.

Can’t is a word that is banned in my house. I like to substitute it for won’t.

Whatever situation you are in, whatever problems you are facing, however difficult….there is always a way out if you look (and then work) hard enough.

You already have the solutions to your problems – yet you may think that you are unable to see a ‘way out’.  Someone, somewhere, has been in the same situation (or worse) as you and now lives a happy, successful, and balance life.

How did they do it?

They accepted that THEY, and only they, were responsible for where and who they were and where and who they wanted to be in the future.

The first step is getting rid of your attachment to negative words – can’t being the first one.

Action Point:

What won’t you do that you think you can’t?

It is easy to find excuses where stepping out of your comfort zone’ is concerned.

We all do it, but very few people tackle it head on and just ignore that little voice saying that they can’t do something.